Stephen Lu

Composer | Arranger | Musician | Producer

Based in Los Angeles, Stephen Lu has been active in the music business for 20 years as a writer, arranger, musician, and producer. His music has been featured on worldwide TV, film, commercials, games and numerous hit records for some of music's biggest stars. Stephen's credits include string arrangements on top Billboard albums for artists like Shakira, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Goo Goo Dolls, Christina Aguilera, and many more. Lu has toured the world and performed with artists including Josh Groban, Toto, and Brandy, and has appeared on national television shows such as The Tonight Show, American Idol, and Ellen. He is currently writing music for film, trailers and TV shows on CBS, BBC, VH1, and more.

Cinematic 284.png

- A Distant Future (0:00)
- Adventure (0:30)
- All That's Left (1:00)
- Bats (1:30)
- Desert Combat (2:00)
- Double Crossed (2:30)
- Escape (2:55)
- Fight To The End (3:30)
- For Hire (4:00)
- Freedom (4:35)
- Intrigue (5:05)
- Moving Places (5:35)
- Prepare For Battle (6:25)
- Stand Tall (7:00)
- Vendetta (7:20)

This pack of 15 cinematic music tracks covers a wide range of styles and emotions. From pulsing drums and staccato strings to soaring themes and dramatic swells, action packed games and adventure games alike will find use with this pack. 

The Complete Chibola Royalty Free Music Library

This complete collection contains over 150 royalty free tracks covering everything from stunning cinematic orchestral cues to slick pop/rock, electronic, and more.  Once purchased and downloaded, these tracks are available to use in any commercial game, video, film or other media project. (FULL LICENSE AGREEMENT)


  • 3GB of full quality WAV files

  • Over 4 hours of music

  • Musical genres including cinematic orchestral, solo piano, pop/rock, world, electronic, holiday, and more.

  • Tracks include over a dozen looping cues, perfect for games.


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