Stephen Lu

Composer | Arranger | Musician | Producer

Based in Los Angeles, Stephen Lu has been active in the music business for over 15 years as a writer, arranger, musician, and producer. His music has been featured on worldwide TV, film, commercials, and numerous hit records for some of music's biggest stars. Stephen's credits include string arrangements on top Billboard albums for artists like Shakira, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Goo Goo Dolls, Christina Aguilera, and many more. Lu has toured the world and performed with artists including Josh Groban, Toto, and Brandy, and has appeared on national television shows such as The Tonight Show, American Idol, and Ellen. He is currently writing music for film, trailers and TV shows on CBS, BBC, VH1, and more.

Euphorium Battle Construction Pack

Euph Battle SQ 500.png
Euph Battle SQ 500.png

Euphorium Battle Construction Pack


This battle themed music construction pack comes with a full loopable action packed battle music sequence, as well as a complete selection of shorter loops and stingers.

The Euphorium collection is performed by The LA String Orchestra, an elite 40 piece string section recorded in the heart of Los Angeles whose members can be heard worldwide on film and television.

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Tracks included: 
- Euphorium Battle FULL 
- Battle LOOP A 
- Battle LOOP B 
- Battle LOOP B SHORT 
- Battle LOOP C 
- Battle LOOP C SHORT 
- Battle STING A 
- Battle STING B 
- Battle STING C 
- Battle STING D